Our goal at Little Rock Family Practice is to offer resources and services that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take a preventative approach to your healthcare. The wide array of services available at our clinic are performed by our highly trained physicians and staff with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.


Many Americans live with a chronic illness, and with proper treatment, many patients find enhanced results and manageable care. Chronic illness includes conditions such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, arthritis, and allergies.


Our physicians treat acute care illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, bladder infections, and musculoskeletal injuries. When treated properly, symptoms can be brief, avoiding long term issues. 


Controlling chronic conditions can be easier when you understand what to eat and how to keep a healthy lifestyle. Our Registered Dietitian can assist in building a healthy, well-balanced diet plan for you and provide guidance as you manage your health. 


Maintaining the recommended immunization schedule helps ensure overall wellness for both adult and pediatric patients. Our physicians take a preventative approach to healthcare and will provide guidance on making sure your immunizations are current. 


Patients suffering from asthma are able to work with our physicians to find a treatment plan that works for them. Our physicians are able to diagnose the severity of asthma to provide long-term management for our patients.


Whether you are recently starting a new medication or have had a change in your medication regime, our pharmacist can support your medication therapy. Our pharmacist can also monitor complex medications such as warfarin, diabetes medications, and respiratory inhalers.


Our team is here to help you on your wellness journey, and strongly recommend you have a wellness physical once a year. An annual wellness examination provides our physicians with the information necessary to ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and is also key to early diagnosis and treatment of potentially serious diseases. 


Many insurance policies now cover most, if not all, the cost of a wellness examination. We also provide Medicare Annual Wellness visits. These visits allow us to provide you the best preventative care at the right time.